About our tea

Where is Kagoshima     
We at Pocketea believe the key to a healthy life comes from what you consume. Our supplier from Kagoshima is JAS and USDA certified, providing you 100% organic green tea and health benefits you are supposed to get. Allow us to help you live your lives healthier and happier. Allow us to make you smile.
Many of us know that green tea is filled with incredible benefits. With rich amount of catechin, this ancient beverage not only reduces the risk of cancer, but also lowers cholesterol and body fat, prevents hang overs, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Recent studies also show that catechin acts as protective agent against Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. It also acts like a natural mouthwash, killing harmful bacteria inside your mouth, preventing cavity formation and gingivitis.     

Even with all these great facts, have you ever wondered how green tea is grown? To protect their leaves, 90% of tea growers use some sort of pesticides. Since tea is not washed as it is only processed and roasted, pesticide still remain on the leaves. When we pour water, we are washing away that pesticide into the cups and into our body. 

Our tea growers from Kagoshima take their time and effort to make it 100% pesticide free so you can enjoy the benefits you are supposed to have. Try our tea. You won't be disappointed.